We're Going Virtual!!

During these unusual times and with many limitations on live competitions, we have decided to offer virtual competitions for some State/Country preliminaries. This allows for lower entry fees and access for more contestants to be able to compete.


Rather enter as a Delegate at Large and go straight to Internationals? Click here: Become a Delegate at Large

Ready to sign up for your Virtual State/Country Preliminary Competition?


Here's how it works:

  1. Check dates for your State/County to make sure there is one and that you haven't missed the cut-off. The main date listed will be the date that judging, zooms, and results take place. The Registration deadline is the final date for all documents to be submitted and entry fee paid to be able to compete. (These will continue to be updated, so check back if you don't see one yet for your area) CLICK HERE TO CHECK DATES

  2. Read ALL Eligibility, Age Requirements, Finals Info, Divisions & Areas of Competition Info

  3. Submit Registration Info

  4. Pay the Entry Fee to get Registered

  5. You will receive a contestant info packet to prepare

Areas of Competition:

  1. Photogenic 20%

  2. Interview 30%

  3. Fitness/Aerobic Wear (Pre-Teen & Teen) or Swimwear (Miss, Ms. & Mrs.) 25%

  4. Evening Wear 25%

Delegates will submit a Professional Headshot photo, video of Fitness/Aerobic wear (Pre-Teen & Teen) or Swimwear (Miss, Ms. Mrs.) routine, video of Evening Wear routine, and Interview during a Zoom meeting. Delegates will be judged by a panel of judges and the overall highest scorers will be crowned the winners. Winners are required to attend Internationals in Texas, September of 2021 to represent their state/country and compete for the International titles. Reign will end after finals at the International pageant. Winners will also sign a contract and non-compete that will last throughout their reign.



Please Note: Travel expenses to Internationals are NOT covered. There is a minimum of contestants required in each division in the virtual competitions to receive the FULL entry fee for Internationals.

(MIN: 5 in Pre-Teen & 7 in each for Teen, Miss, Ms. & Mrs.)

Winners will receive the following:

  • Official UWP State/Country Crown

  • Official UWP State/Country Rhinestone Sash

  • 1 Month Virtual Fitness Coaching (Teen - Mrs. Only)

  • Full entry* into the United World Pageant which includes:

  • 1/2 Page Ad in Official Program Book

  • Design for 1/2 Page Ad

  • Official Program Book

  • Official UWP T-Shirt

  • Official UWP Tote

  • Ashley Lauren Opening Number Dress

  • Professional Photo Package

  • Professional Pageant Weekend Video

  • 3 Meals Provided

  • 2 Group Functions

  • Sponsor Swag*

*Full entry if minimum requirements are met on number of contestants in virtual competitions. ​

Register for your State/Country Virtual Pageant
DO NOT submit this form or payment until you are ready to sign up and have all questions answered prior to submitting.
Age as of Sept 1st, 2021 or Virtual Pageant Date

Registration Payment


Do NOT forget to the delegate name in the message to seller if it's different from the purchaser


Additional Payment Option

Zelle: info@unitedworldpageants.com

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