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Jr. Teen (12-14) • Teen (15-18)

Single, never been married and never given birth

Cannot get married or pregnant during reign

Miss (19-27) • Ms. (28+)


Divorced, Widowed or Single & With or Without Children 

Is not currently married or pregnant.

*For contestants who do NOT win Internationals - Marriage or pregnancy is permissible after the 8-month period of your state/country reign following the international competition.

*For winners of Internationals - Marriage or pregnancy is restricted until after the culmination of an 8-month period from the commencement of your international reign.

Mrs. (21+)


Must be Legally Married

With or Without Children

Must not be separated or pending divorce


Age as of Jan 1, 2024.

You may also move up a division if you have a birthday during 2024.

Is a natural born female

Never posed nude in print or film


Areas of Competition


Opening Number

The Opening Number is NOT judged

Photogenic 20%

Delegates will be judged on a submitted 8x10 professional headshot photo during their Interview. Photo must be current and look like the delegate. It should not be overly retouched and should not be glitz style. This portion is important because our Queens are often in Print/Media. 

Ms. Kansas - Catherine Coraggio.jpeg
Ms. Nevada - Paula Napalan.jpg

Interview 30%

Delegates will be judged during a 5-minute panel style interview. Judges will be looking for Poise, Confidence & Ability to Speak/Think on her feet. Interviews are not Political or heavily based on Platforms and are meant for the delegate to show their personality to the judges. She should however be able to communicate properly, as she will be in the public eye and representing the system.

Fitness / Swimwear 25%

Jr. Teen & Teen compete in Fitness/Aerobic Wear


Miss - Mrs. compete in Swimwear (One or two piece. Traditional or fashion forward. Must be tasteful. NO thongs are allowed. Sarongs/capes are allowed.)


Judges will be looking for Body Confidence, Personality and Overall Health

(measurements are not considered)


Evening Gown 25%

Delegate will compete in an age-appropriate floor length gown of her choice. Judges will be looking for Poise, Grace and Confidence

Final On Stage Question 30%

Delegates that make it to the final round will answer an onstage question. This score will be combined with their overall score


Please note:

1.) You are expected to sign a contract as a Delegate at Large that will include a non-compete with bi-weekly social media presence and a monthly appearance requirement.

2.) Should you win your respective international title you will be required to sign a 1-yr contract with appearance requirements, a non-compete, and return the following year to crown your successor.

Any questions about the following info, you can always contact us!

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