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2022 Pre-Teen (Jr. Teen) United World

Kiana Pham

Kiana Pham is a 13-year-old young lady and in the 8th grade.  Kiana lives in Round Rock, Texas.  She is the daughter of Nichol Pham and Nam Pham.  Her heritage is American and Vietnamese.  She holds her culture very highly and traditions and customs between her parents.  She is an All-American Cheerleader and is on the Dance team for her Middle School.   She was born in Jacksonville, FL with hydrocephalus and a brain tumor but with the power of prayer she has never had to have surgery.  Her family tells her, she is a true Angel. She is extremely fortunate to be alive and well, she always goes the extra mile to be kind and courteous to others.  Kiana hopes to one day help find a cure for hydrocephalus.

Kiana is on A/B Honor Roll and take her education very seriously.  She one day hopes to become an Interior Designer and continue the family business with her mother.  She is currently pursuing modeling and hopes to walk the Runaway at New York Fashion Week in 2022.   Kiana’s highest personal achievement is “Hitting ZERO” (no deductions) at the NCA Cheer Competition, which endures true team work and dedication. 

 She enjoys biking, playing tennis and volleyball, traveling and caring for her beloved dogs Nala and Marley.  Kiana would like to visit Maldives, Dubai one day because she feels that it is absolutely beautiful and she enjoys exploring new places.

She is always giving back to others through community service and volunteering opportunities.  She takes an active part in her community by volunteering for the Round Rock Youth Football and Cheer League (RRYFC) and Texas Children’s Baptist Home (TCBH).

Kiana’s platform is “Leave no child behind”.  She and her family has volunteered with the TCBH for the past 6 years.  They make meals, provide food and clothing and do community service around the property.  Kiana’s mother and older sister have been Board Members going on 6 years now as well.  Kiana helps coach the cheer team.  They also volunteer for play days, game days, and concession stand duties.  Kiana states, “You never know the smallest thing you can do for another child can make such a difference to them and their parents.  You never know what goes on behind closed doors.  One smile or one dance move and cheering for a touchdown can change someone’s life.  To let others know they are special and important.”

Keaghan Pruitt is 18 years old and born and raised in China Spring, Texas. She is the daughter of Tanya Pruitt and the late Bobby Pruitt. Keaghan is a 2021 graduate of China Spring High School and currently attends Baylor University. She is studying Psychology with the goal of one day being a mental health and grief counselor. Keaghan has a passion and love for dance. She was a competitive dancer for 15 years and is now teaching dance to children at the studio where she grew up , Ignite Dance Company. A cause that Keaghan deeply champions is Suicide Awareness and prevention, and it is not lost on her that she was crowned Teen United World 2022 in September, which is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Having lost her father to suicide in 2014, she is using her platform to spread awareness in hopes to help de-stigmatize mental health strugggles and improve access to resources and education. Keaghan is an active member with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and loves being able to travel the country to speak at their Out of the Darkness walks, which raise money and bring awareness for suicide prevention. A quote that Keaghan choses to live by is, “Speak up, even if your voice shakes.” To Keaghan this quote means standing up for the things that you believe in no matter what others think and knowing that your voice has power.


2022 Teen United World

Keaghan Pruitt


2022 Miss United World

Abby Arnold

Abby Lynn Arnold is a 24 year old a native of South Florida and currently resides in El Paso, TX. She is progressively working towards her Master’s in Speech Pathology will she will there after persue her Doctorate’s in SLP. Some of Abby’s hobbies through out her life includes Jazz, Ballet, and Tap as well as outdoor/indoor sports, and coaching Pop Warner Cheer. She also loves to dedicate her free time to donating and putting together supply drives for the Children’s Advocacy Center and Abuse Counseling & Treatment center. Not only is Abby a 11 year pageant veteran but is also an on going 4 year human trafficking advocate. While starting to attend meetings with Florida Human Trafficking Coalition in 2018, Abby soon realized that she wanted to embark on a bigger journey to help victims and surviors of human trafficking have a voice through her. With that, she started her foundation “Empowerment Of The Voice” in 2019. Through her foundation as well as FCAHT and United Abolitionist she has had the oppurtunity to rescue and/or provide therapy to over 11 human trafficking survivors in the past year. Within the next year she hopes to expand her reach and expand her voice and knowledge on human trafficking across the nation with her new title of Miss United World 2022. “Having being blessed with the title of Miss United World 2022 has not only been a honor but an actual dream come true. Not only will I use my title to advocate for human trafficking but promote our newly founded system United World Pageants. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this system the very first email I sent to our outstanding director, Jessica Schiff. She not only has been the upmost helpful and genuine but so knowledgable and precise on what she wanted out of a queen and for this amazing system. I also knew I was joining the right sister hood because of what United World Pageant’s motto stands for “United We Stand” because it represents the person I am and the goals I plan to endure throughout my life. The knowledge of love, unity, diversity, and equality are four things I constantly push for and always will. I am proud and SO unbeliveably honored to be your first Miss United World 2022.”

Deborah Wright won the title of Ms. United World 2022 in Austin, TX this past Labor Day weekend.  United World Pageants is a fashion forward, international pageant organization that exists to enrich the lives of women in an unsurpassed pageant experience.  UWP’s motto is, “United We Stand”.  We believe that standing together as one to make a difference makes a bigger impact than an individual can.  Deborah along with her director, strive to make United World Pageants one of the top names in pageantry. 

Deborah is a veteran in pageantry and has competed since the age of 16.   She began her pageant career in the Miss America Organization, earning her over $10,000 in college scholarships and paying for most of her college education.  She has earned many titles such as Miss Delaware USA 2002, Mrs. Maryland International, Mrs. Pennsylvania International, Mrs. Galaxy and Miss Pennsylvania for America 2020!   Through competing, she discovered one of her true passions, which is giving back and her love for community service.  Deborah is very active in her community and has made over 1200 appearances with such organizations such as DARE, Girl Scouts of America, Veterans Affairs, Girls on the Run, Special Olympics, American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and many more.  Since 2009, the organization that has had her most attention is Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in which she has raised almost a million dollars!  With the annual government funding only 4% each year towards childhood cancer research, her mission is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer. 

Deborah currently resides in Lebanon, Pa with her daughter, Elle and boyfriend, Chris.  Their love for Disney takes them to Walt Disney World several times a year.  Deborah also holds her own Disney Vacation Planning business where she loves planning magical vacations for other families. She is an Account Manager for Ecore, a recycled rubber floor manufacturer in Lancaster, Pa. Deborah truly believes in “ordinary people, doing extraordinary things” and has made it her goal in life to help make the world a better place.


2022 Ms. United World

Deborah Wright


2022 Mrs. United World

Makeva Armant-Muhammad

Makeva Armant-Muhammad is a 29-year-old native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and resident of Baltimore, Maryland. She is wife to David Muhammad and bonus mom to his four daughters. Currently a French & Spanish Teacher at Pikesville High School, Makeva is a former French Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Teacher at McKinley Sr. High School in Baton Rouge, La. and at Coleman Middle School in Greenville, Ms. as a Teach for America Corps Member. She began her French studies in high school, and continued by majoring in French at the University of Louisiana Monroe where she also minored in Spanish. A two-time recipient of the study abroad scholarship awarded by The Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL), Makeva spent two summers studying French in Mons, Belgium, and she has received numerous awards and recognitions for her mastery in French, including being inducted into the French honor society, Pi Delta Phi.

Makeva has held numerous titles in her 10 years of pageantry, and she currently holds the title of Mrs. United World 2022. With her various past and present titles, she has spent her service years hosting and participating in numerous community service events and being a spokesperson for her platform, Promoting Diversity Through the Study of World Languages and Cultures also known as #GetImmersed. Makeva has been seen and heard doing great things in her community like producing and hosting International Awareness Festivals, International Health Fairs, International Music Festivals, Community Cleanup Challenges, Eco-Bingo Challenges, and she’s been hosted on media outlets such as the local news stations, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and even billboards. She’s been seen modeling in Fashions Weeks around Louisiana, Maryland, and even New York Fashion Week. Makeva even launched the inaugural Total Queen Takeover Tour in the summer of 2018, during which she traveled around Louisiana feeding the homeless, speaking to adults with mental disabilities, volunteering with gardening groups and youth environmental clubs, and more.

Makeva’s favorite quote and motto is, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world,” for every new language brings about a new vision of life; from which stemmed her platform. Because of this, she founded the organization called Immersed Global, LLC. whose purpose is to act as a catalyst for providing world languages to low-income communities and inner-city youth. Makeva truly believes that everyone deserves to have access to resources that can introduce them the world.

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