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2024 United World Pageants® Queens
Jr. Teen United World - Tayla Westerman (NV)
Teen United World - Danielle Luna (TX)
Miss United World - Jasmine Correa (TX)
Ms. United World - Ronica Jackson (NA)
Mrs. United World - Jenileigh Sawatzke(TX)
Meet Your Queens
Jasmine Correa
Miss United World
Danielle Luna
Teen United World

Virtual "Gift Card"
Submit a payment on behalf of your favorite delegate to help them with their Entry Fee dues. 
*All payments are Non-Refundable. If you want to be sure you are not paying above what's owed, email us at*


Thank you for your payment on the delegates behalf!

United World Pageants® Age Divisions
Jr. Teen 12-14
Teen 15-18
Miss 19-27
Ms. 28+ (Unmarried)
Mrs. 21+ (Married)
Ronica Jackson
Ms. United World
Tayla Westerman
Jr. Teen United World
Glamour • Sisterhood • Excitement
Gain memories and valuable life skills all while cultivating new and meaningful friendships to last a lifetime.

Our amazing venue will keep your family and friends occupied all weekend!
Are you Ready to Join the United World Family?

Represent your State, Country or Region
and make YOUR impact on the world in a United way!
Jenileigh Sawatzke
Mrs. United World

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